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HTFuture Service Features

HTFuture Service Features

HTFuture is willing to provide quality products as well as satisfied service:?

1. Providing proved inspection report for the products when delivery;
2. Providing product specification and detailed test report;
3. One year warranty, three monthes free exchange and one year free repairing;
4. Must reply within 24 hours after receiving customers’ notice of quality problems;
5. Regularly survey, collect quality improvement suggestion from customers;
Service Center:?+86-755-23777185
Email:? Service@htfuture.com


Pre-sales ServiceRich experience in the application, HTFuture has established a mature pre-sales service system.Our experts are ready to offer you an appropriate solution in network construction.

Customized Service: With the advantage of self-development, HTFuture can offer you hardwares and softwares with your own characteristics as you required.

After-Sales ServiceHTFuture?takes after-sales service as a good way for building long-term relationships with customers and grow own businesses.?At present?HTFuture?supports product warranty service, backup guarantee service and software upgrade service.


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