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Adtran gets XGS-PON equipment orders from UK carrier Call Flow

Date: 2017-07-24

??? 2017/7/20, the next generation of open optical networking solutions provider Adtran, announced today that it will win the UK Call Flow's XGS-PON equipment order and support Britain's first symmetric, ultra G, super FTTH business. Call Flow has previously provided 100Mbps's FTTC business in the southern England region. Adtran's 10Gbps FTTH solution fully meets the requirements of the existing Call Flow network architecture upgrade.
??? With the increasing number of applications such as AR/VR, 4K TV and software cloud, the demand for low latency, large capacity broadband transmission is also increasing. Telecom operators around the world are reviewing the potential of GPON in a new generation of deployments. As a pioneer of 10G PON, Adtran has made an important contribution to XGS-PON's writing into the ITU standard, which has promoted the industry's consensus on XGS-PON.
??? XGS-PON provides 10Gbps symmetric fixed wavelength PON service new or existing optical network based on the excellent performance, scientific research and meet the needs of business users and residents in an access network architecture, extending the existing optical access network life.
??? ADTRAN said that Call Flow is visionary in providing multi Gbps broadband services, and that Adtran's XGS-PON devices will help Call Flow become the UK's leading FTTH service provider's ambition. The order is also the latest in a global 10G PON deployment.

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